About Us


MYCAREGIVER provides a platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any household task from caring for the elderly, caring for homeless patients, caring for mothers after childbirth, the disabled, helping to care for babies or children at home or other general work.

MYCAREGIVER is expected to solve household problems. Families can plan shopping. No need to expect high-impact services anymore. Even the helper may consist of his own neighbor.

MYCAREGIVER provides income opportunities for those who want to work permanently or part-time. Although the tasks in question may be trivial in the category of dirty, difficult and trivial, but the help given with the intention of practice in sha Allah is rewarded. Everyone can sign up and be trained to be our assistant and immediately start work when needed at any time.

MYCAREGIVER will ensure that the service provider consists of those who are reliable and have been screened as best as possible to provide the best service. We also make sure that the client's participants are made up of dedicated and responsible household families for the actual assignments requested.

MYCAREGIVER definitely provides the best financial management option with a work wage rate that is not burdensome and not too low for helpers to come with a worthwhile return. We only take a small management fee as low as 5% to 22% only.