How to request for refund

By Admin

In strict accordance with our anti-money laundering policy and in situations involving attempts to withdraw funds from a credit card, we shall maintain rigorous cooperation with the policies set forth by our esteemed payment gateway partner.

Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the process of requesting a refund:

  1. Access your email account.

  2. Conduct a diligent search for the payment receipt issued by mycaregiver, specifically tailored to the payment gateway employed during your transaction.

  3. Within the confines of the receipt, a dedicated link shall be furnished to facilitate the initiation of a refund request, in close collaboration with our esteemed payment gateway partners.

  4. With due diligence, click on the provided link and meticulously follow the prescribed steps to successfully submit your refund request.

Kindly contact our admins or send a support request via our application for futher request

More information

Click here to learn more about our refund policy